Wednesday, November 4, 2009

SHARON BARTEL-CLEMENTS: "The Side of the Road"

Red Wave #2, oil/tire tacks on canvas

Horizon's Promise, oil/tire tracks on canvas

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The Side of the Road
November 5-28th, 2009
Reception: Nov. 12th, 6-9P

Franklin 54 Gallery + projects is pleased to present an exhibition of new paintings, drawings and confluent objects by Sharon Bartel-Clements. “The Side of the Road” conjures up many meanings for us whether real or spiritual and leads us down many paths. Sharon has used actual tire tracks in her paintings and drawings to emphasize the imagery and it works well. As always her paintings are strong and lush with color and movement, painting only with her hands, she digs into these with emotional and energetic markings. The tracks take us up and through the pieces as in Spiracle Exchange #1 – a tumultuous piece where the eye moves in and out through waves of the journey meanwhile immersing us within an ocean of deep blue providing a calming balance. The artist’s use of the circle in this piece brings forth the significance of a beginning and end yet continually moving on and starting over. Red is a prominent color in many of the pieces echoing turmoil, bloodshed and hardship along with a tribal energy. As in life we are taking many roads, some good, some bad leading to enlightened experiences if we can let go and be part of them; this artist encourages us to do so with these works – the emotional connection is here.

The drawings in contrast to the dense paintings are light and airy giving the viewer yet another road to travel on through these imaginative landscapes. Confluent objects make up the remainder of the show including a ladder with a mirror for self-reflection, factices filled with objects that can be found by the side of the road and others relating to symbolic meanings. Whether driving by the side of the road, walking and exploring or traveling down one, Sharon gives a chance to contemplate all of these. Sharon Bartel-Clements lives and works in Santa Fe, NM; her works are included in major institutions internationally.

November gallery hours: Tues-Sat, 11-6

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