Monday, November 16, 2009

"The Easels": Side by Side on November 19th, 6-8p

Inside-Out 21, Elisa Pritzker, mixed

Rosetta Bentz, Landscape #28, oil on linoleum tile

“The Easels”: Side by Side
Curated by Joyce Pommer
Featuring Rosetta Bentz & Elisa Pritzker
November 19th, 6-8P

Guest Moderator: John Goodrich, artist and Independent Critic

Franklin 54 Gallery + projects is pleased to present the second night of the “The Easels” on Thursday November 19th from 6-8P. This month the featured gallery artists’ works will coincide with the solo gallery exhibition by Sharon Bartel-Clements called “The Side of the Road.” As before we hope to continue the conversation and communication between the public, the artists and their work in an informal setting opening up an informative session of dialogue. In this one night only event the gallery can offer another way for our artists to gain exposure. The project also allows us to emphasize the focus of the gallery through the artist’s process with the goal of stimulating emotional attachment to the work.

Approximately 6 small works by each artist will be exhibited on table easels throughout the gallery, for easy viewing by visitors. This Easels project will feature works by Rosetta Bentz an abstract painter of the landscape/seascape and Elisa Pritzker a mixed media artist. Rosetta’s paintings are lush, rich in texture and forever moving. Her simple strokes and use of color enrich her process. Elisa’s work will focus on her Inside-Out series that is about transformation; they are minimal and compelling. Her mixed techniques and photo resin process work well in emphasizing this as the materials themselves are forever changing. Each artist compliments the gallery exhibition by adding to the real and symbolic meanings of the Side of the Road. We hope you will join us to find out more.


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