Saturday, May 17, 2008

May 22-June 29th, 2008: "The Undeniable Line", mixed media works by ELAINE DEFIBAUGH

Nite Glow, acrylic, mixed media, hand sewing, collage on canvas, 72x103"

Opening Reception: June 7th from 4-7P

“The Undeniable Line”
Elaine Defibaugh
Mixed Media works
May 22-June 29, 2008
Opening Reception: June 7th, 4-7P

Franklin 54 Gallery is pleased to present a solo show of mixed media paintings by Elaine Defibaugh. Line has always been an important aspect in the works of Defibaugh – she is respectful of it and considers every placement, admirably being able to keep these works spontaneous, fresh and alive. Her use of line is varied whether by drawing, sewing or incorporated materials; the lines continue throughout the composition to bring it all together. Defibaugh’s larger pieces in this exhibition are wonderfully free floating, immediately invoking wonderful sensations of other times and places. These sensations transport the viewer to a place with other sounds and feelings - something all important works of art should do – awaken in us the emotional connection, draw us in and keep us there. Her smaller layered mixed media works continue to bring us surprise packages also made up of many materials and still using the line successfully.

Through her use of line, threads, fabrics, sewing and collage, Elaine has created imagery full of movement, whimsy and sophistication all at the same time. The shapes are organic and she has a command of her use of color. The pieces are full of life and fun, reflective of the titles and the artist herself but they continue to be serious works as she moves forward using different materials and size elements to experiment and further her process.

Elaine received her BFA from East Texas State University and an MFA from Rochester Institute of Technology, also studying at the Yale University Summer School of Art & Music. Her work has been included in numerous solo and group exhibitions across the country including the Butler Institute of American Art, Albright Knox Members Gallery and the Everson Museum of Art. She has received many awards; her work is included in the collection of the Butler Institute of American Art, SUNY Brockport College and many other corporate and private collections. She divides her time between Rochester, NY and New York City.

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