Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"ZIPPED" new works by Elisa Pritzker


"Between the Urban and the City"

Digital Art on plexiglass

Reception: September 16th, 6-8p

Franklin 54 Gallery + Projects is pleased to present a solo exhibition of new works by Elisa Pritzker. In her 3rd solo show with the gallery, these digital art pieces on plexiglass are a break out of the box for the artist. Here Pritzker continues playing with photographic imagery as she has in the past but now presents a different visual. After capturing the moment in photographs she has altered and cleverly combined them with zippers – an interesting and somewhat mystifying everyday item. Her combinations are captivating and absorbing; her art has a reachable approach using ideas and objects that are part of everyday living - a master of minimalism she continues to say much with little. Although the new works have more imagery than her boxed pieces she keeps them clean, crisp and simple in context and execution. Working on a larger scale here Elisa has succeeded in transforming her minimalistic ideas into a unique vocabulary, increasing her range and giving us more to think about.

The juxtaposition of two unlikely images increases the mystery for the viewer. The zipper between opens or closes the dialogue – divides or invites us. In “Zipped City” we wonder what is going on in those zipped up windows and buildings as people have been zipped up for the night – her use of black in this piece adds to the suspense as its richness looms as a dark wall or disappearing darkness. “Between the Urban and the Country” is a fun piece of contrast – on one side is the cow face forward staring while in a serene country setting – in the other is the madness of rush hour city traffic – in between is the zipper - the cow seems to say it all. These are sharp handsome pieces, a new direction for Pritzker and a first rate one at that.

October 16th, 4-6p: “Exploring the Process” a conversation between Elisa Pritzker and Dominique Nahas, Independent Curator and Critic

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