Saturday, September 5, 2009

INTRODUCING: "THE EASELS" on September 24th, 6-8P

"Quartet", Polaroid photo emulsion & chemical transfers by AJ Nadel

Guest Moderator: Dominique Nahas, Independent Curator and Critic

“The Easels”
Meet the Art/Meet the Artist
Curated by Elisa Pritzker
Featuring AJ Nadel
September 24th, 6-8P

Franklin 54 Gallery + projects is pleased to present a new project called “The Easels” previewing on Thursday September 24th from 6-8P. This new project will continue the 3rd Thursday of every other month and feature small works by one or two gallery artists whose work will coincide with the gallery exhibition for that month. Curator Elisa Pritzker will be selecting the artist and the works and will also moderate a talk with the artist during the evening. We hope to develop communication between the public, the artist and their work in an informal setting opening up an informative session of dialogue. It is a one night only event and allows the gallery another way to offer our artists exposure and where we can also emphasize the focus of the gallery through the artist’s process and stimulate emotional attachment to the work.

Approximately 15 small works will be exhibited on table easels throughout the gallery, for easy viewing by visitors. Our first Easels project will feature works by AJ Nadel- a mixed media artist whose process of Polaroid photo emulsion transfers come together as intriguing images. His process is an interesting one and we are fortunate to have him share it with us. As in “Quartet”, a new piece consisting of Polaroid photo chemical and emulsion transfers combined with enamel paint on panel is an overlapping of facial images peering through different layers. The faces are dissected, fractioned and powerful, coming together as a mysterious piece; the imagery is sophisticated and complex to be viewed over and over to discover the rich detail below. AJ will be present to discuss his work and available for questions.

The next viewing of “The Easels” will take place in November with a new artist.

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